People's Comments : Healing



When I have a lot of problems to discuss, and I don't know where to start, I find that as soon as my session starts, Koko-san can " feel" my problems, and that enables her to quickly help me understand my issues more clearly.

I have been to other counselors in the past. I felt those counselors were very logical, but also very rigid. It felt like they were using a formula. I believe that this is not the way to counsel people because our emotions are constantly changing and flow like a river, so that a simple, "logical" approach often doesn't solve complex emotional problems.

Koko-san is very different. She can understand the flow of my emotions, and she can understand my patterns of thinking and behavior. Because of her individualized approach, she can select the best healing methods based on who I really am. Her methods are very natural and relaxing, and she has helped me using guidedd  meditation combined with music, as well as teaching me how to use a journal to understand my feelings and see things more positively.

Takahiro Ishizuki


Koko-san's healing is "Encountering the Unknown"

Why is that so?

It is because Koko-san takes me to a world which you might think everybody knows about, but in fact it is only Koko-san who knows about it and can take me to that very special world.

Every time I have session with her, I feel relaxed. She always helps me understand what I want and what I should do now.

I have to say I think that she descended to the earth to help guide human beings. She certainly has a lot of ability in many fields, and she uses her abilities to give valuable advice to us.

I am one of many people who has been helped by her. She was a turning point on my life. She helped me to understand who I am, what is my destiny, what I really want to do. I think she can help solve problems in your life too.

Why don't you go to her and experience her warm and sooting sound of voice, and let her take you on a trip

to meet your true self.

Chibi Otoko


I came to see Koko-san after experiencing " worry" and " uncertainty" in my work and life for many years. I had begun to wonder if I might be " haunted " by some bad spirits that were disturbing my life.

I explained my situation, the things I worried about, and my dreams for my future to Koko-san. She gave me

a lot of tools and methods that helped me change my life for good.

I especially appreciated a guided meditation Koko-san conducted for me. I felt like I was receiving internal healing from her. And I felt warmth in my entire body for a long time afterward.

Thanks to Koko-san, I discovered my true feelings and emotions within myself. And I understood that these emotions were the ones affecting my health. I felt gratitude toward to my body; I realized my body was trying to hold me up. I decided I wanted to take good care of my body. And I came to realize that I have responsibility for my life, my time, and my inner growth.

Since I had my session with Koko-san, I have seen the angel number "444" and other numbers connected to angels so often. And when I say an angels' affirmation, my affirmation comes true. I feel grateful every day.

Shinobu Layt


"Thank you, Koko san! I am your big fan! I use your 1st healing CD for massage healing session. My clients and I always feel Love, Smile, and Happiness!

More over, my husband and I bought 40 years old house and Koko chan cleaned spirits of the house. Her angel healing and Reiki therapy helped my problem as well.

I am more positive and enjoy my life.